Waverley Bushwalking Club Inc.

Affiliated member of Bushwalking Victoria


About Waverley Bushwalking Club

At a public meeting of keen bushwalkers in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne in April 1987, Waverley Bushwalking Club was formed as an affiliated member of Bushwalking Victoria.  Currently about 270 members enjoy walking and social interaction, both on walks and at our monthly meetings.

The club organises a variety of events (usually over 200 each year) including day walks, base camps, pack carries, cycling and cross country skiing; catering to a wide range of interests and skill levels.

Day walks take place in many different locations ranging from suburban parks to nearby mountains, forests and coastal areas. Historic walks around the suburbs of Melbourne explore the history of our city.

Base camps, both within Victoria and interstate, are a great way to enjoy the company of fellow members. They vary in duration from a few days to several weeks. Tents, caravans, cabins and ski lodges provide a variety of accommodation options. A program of daily walks is offered for which only day packs are required.

Pack carry walks over a number of nights may enable you to experience places accessible only on foot. Participants carry all the necessary items for camping in remote locations.

Details of upcoming events and a definition of the grading system are in the Events Program. Check out the Photo Gallery to see us enjoying ourselves.

Our monthly newsletter, Walklines, has reviews of recent events and any other relevant news or issues of interest to members.

Visitors with little or no previous bushwalking experience are encouraged to walk with us to "give us a try".  Experienced members are always available to pass on their skills and knowledge of all aspects of bushwalking. 

For information about walking with the club and recommended equipment see the Membership page or attend one of our monthly meetings.


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