Activity Grades

All our walks are graded using simple, easy to understand terms. The gradings shown in the Events Program are advisory only. If in doubt, please check with the walk Leader. For pack carries and other types of events consult the Leader prior to booking.:

  • Short – Level terrain, on formed tracks. Distance up to 5km.
  • Easy – Gently undulating terrain on formed tracks. Distance up to approximately 12km. These are usually suitable for first-time Visitors.
  • Medium – Sustained climbs and descents. Some of the walk may be off formed tracks.
    Distance approximately 15-18km.
  • Hard – Consistent walking with moderate to hard climbing in scrub and forest, on and off
    tracks. Distance depends on terrain.
  • Experienced – Walking in difficult terrain that may require special knowledge such as unscheduled camping, rock scrambling, survival techniques, first aid or navigation. These activities are reserved for our most experienced walkers .