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In Case Of Emergency

Are you concerned about the safety, or late return, of a family member? There is a simple explanation in most cases. Regardless, the Club has established procedures for managing many emergency situations, including coordination with emergency services.

All initial inquiries should be directed to one of the Club’s Emergency Contacts. The Club will attempt to make contact with the activity Leader/s, and immediately advise the police if there are concerns that any members of the party are at risk, or clearly overdue. We do not recommend contact with the police in the initial instance as it is very unlikely that they will have knowledge of the club activity. Premature contact with police could waste their time.

To reach one of the Club’s Emergency Contacts, please email, or if your concern is more immediate in nature, please call one of the following telephone numbers:

03 9803 0560   –    0418 222 572   –   0407 842 101

Please ask to speak to an Emergency Contact for the Waverley Bushwalking Club. Note that the Club is concerned about the privacy of its members. You will be asked to identify yourself, the member you are enquiring or concerned about, and your relationship with the member before we can provide information. We may need to verify the details you provide. Please be aware that Emergency Contacts may not have access to key information at the time of your call, and may need to call you back.