Participants Responsibilities

One of the benefits of walking with a group is that by being with experienced people you will learn to walk in a safe manner following correct procedures.

The document on Participants Responsibilities, which is available for download below, details what you should do both before and during the walk.

Before the Walk

• Check the grading of the activity and read the grading definition in Activity Grades, which is a guide only. If in doubt check with the leader before you decide to participate.

• Inform the leader, with as much notice as possible, if unavoidable circumstances prevent you from attending the event.

• Bring all the correct clothing, equipment, food, and water with you, see What Clothing and Gear will I Need. Don’t rely on others to lend you items or carry them for you. If in doubt about what to bring ask the leader at booking time or before departure. Some equipment may be hired from bushwalking shops or WBC.

• Complete the Personal Health Details – Emergency Information form or “Vial of Life” and place it in an outside pocket of your backpack.

• If you suffer any medical condition that may require special action, please ensure that you carry the appropriate instructions in a sealed envelope, or they are with a friend at the activity. If necessary, carry the required medication.

• Carry a personal First Aid Kit comprising:
A minimum of: Variety of bandaids including extra large, Alcohol swabs for wound cleaning, 1 conforming bandage 7.5cm, 1 heavy weight crepe bandage 7.5cm, 1 triangular bandage, Safety pins, Gauze swabs (ie. 3 swabs 7.5cm x 7.5cm pack), Moleskin or adhesive tape or similar for covering hotspots on the feet, Thermal accident blanket, Personal medication ie. own pain killer tablets, antihistamine tablets – these will fit in a plastic ziplock bag.
Plus: Alcohol hand wash, Sunscreen, Roll on RID (or similar) for insects and leeches, Small plastic bag for rubbish.
Optional extras: Betadine, Gastrolyte tablets and glucose for hot weather, Instant cold pack, Duct tape, Pointy tweezers for ticks and splinters, Scissors, Snake bite bandage.

• Carry with you the mobile phone number of the Event Leader so that if your car breaks down en route to or from the activity or you become separated from the group you can advise details as soon as possible. This may also help the Leader to render assistance.

• Ensure you leave details of the activity and the Event Leader’s name and phone number with your family or friends and make them aware of the emergency procedures in the Contact Us page.

• It is wise to insure yourself for ambulance and medical treatment – WBC does not cover you for these expenses.

During the Walk

• Arrive at the meeting place in time to depart on the activity at the time stated.

• Obey all reasonable instructions given by the leader.

• Advise the leader if you feel unwell or cannot cope with the activity.

• If you are at the front of the group and the leader is not with you stop at all track/road junctions, signs, or whenever there is doubt about the correct route and wait for instructions from the Leader.

• Irrespective of where you are in the group, ensure that you can see the person behind you [and vice versa]. If not slow down and wait.

• The Whip is there to assist slower group members and to ensure that nobody is left behind. If you need to leave the track, for any reason, please inform the leader or Whip and leave your pack on the track.

• Provide assistance and support to others on the activity. Club events are generally not competitive and success of the activity is dependent on members providing mutual support and encouragement.

• Carry a whistle at all times and remember the code:

Three short blasts regularly spacedEmergency signal from person/s in distress
One long blastAcknowledge a distress signal
Four short blasts regularly spacedEmergency, regroup with leader immediately.

Remember, you have a responsibility for your own safety.
By following these few simple procedures, you will contribute to the safety and enjoyment of the whole group.

This document mentions the Personal Health Details – Emergency Information Form.
Please download this form, complete it, print it and carry it in an outside pocket of your pack.