What Clothing and Gear will I need?

Initially we recommend you spend little or no money until you discover which activities you enjoy. Discussion with experienced members will reveal the pros and cons of their style of boots, backpacks etc. Personal preferences vary considerably. Specialised equipment will cost $50 – $300 (or more) per item, so you should be sure you will continue bushwalking and know which items are best for your choice of walks or camps. Specialised bushwalking shops sell an extensive range of gear and many offer a 10% discount to Club Members.

Check out our suggested Clothing and Equipment for Day Bushwalks document:

Footwear:Comfortable boots or walking shoes with good tread.
Socks:Wool or wool blend.
Trousers:Quick drying trousers or shorts.  Avoid jeans.
Shirt:Quick drying short/long sleeve shirt or top.
Day pack:Comfortable and able to store all listed items inside.  Line with large plastic bag or carry pack cover to keep contents dry.
Hat:Broad brim sunhat or beanie for cold weather.
Gloves:Synthetic or woollen gloves for cold weather.
Jacket/jumper:Polar fleece or woollen jumper.
Rainproof Jacket:Good quality water and windproof jacket with hood.
Water bottle:One litre minimum in winter.  Two litres in summer.
Lunch/snacks:Allow extra for emergency food.
Sun protection: Sunscreen and sunglasses.
First aid kit:As per Participants’ Responsibilities.
Toilet kit:Trowel, toilet paper & hand sanitiser.
Whistle:See Participants’ Responsibilities for signal code.
Phone:Mobile phone.
Optional extras:Gaiters give protection from grass seeds, leeches, etc.
Walking poles may assist over rough/slippery terrain.
Waterproof over pants.
Thermal underwear.
Insect repellent.
Mat/plastic sheet for rest stops.
Small torch in case of delay.