Register to Walk

How Do I Register On My First Walks (for Visitors)

Everyone who participates in one of our club walks needs to register on the event. This is for two reasons. The primary focus here is safety. It helps us manage the size of the team that is walking in the bush, and we need to keep track of who is on each walk.

For visitors, to register on a walk you simply contact our Membership Secretary, on 0421 890 625,  or you can email Tracey at Alternatively, you can also email our Club secretary at

We will discuss our upcoming walks with you and provide you with walking options that match your current level of ability. We’ll also talk you through the meeting and travelling arrangements, and the gear you will need on your first walks.

When travelling by car to a walk location, our club often uses car-pooling. Unless you need to make special arrangements, we typically will not ask you to be a driver on your first walks. The leader will discuss any shared costs for transport with you for each walk.

Note that you will need to pay a $5 temporary membership and insurance fee for each walk you participate in before becoming a member. This is paid to the leader when you first meet up for the walk. You will also need to fill in a short form with the details of your emergency contact.

The events planned for the next six weeks only are listed in this table of events (opens in a new tab or window).  Leader contact and departure details are available at club meetings or from the Membership Secretary.

Registering On Walks (for Members)

When you become a full member, you will be given a username and the opportunity to create a password for the Members OnTrax website.
OnTrax is where you will find a complete events program and where bookings and management of walks are made.

Cancellations. Notify the Leader through OnTrax as soon as practicable. There are usually people on the waiting list who would be keen to come, if given some notice.

Transport. When travelling to events by car, we car pool and share costs. Indicate your preference when booking for the event. If possible, please have your car ‘fuelled’ and be ready to drive.

Meeting place. The Leader (or deputy) will be at the nominated meeting place before the stated departure time. Leaders will not wait for you if you are not there by the departure time.